Ernie Menehune - Hawaii's Suntanned Irishman

Ernie's records can be found in the thrift stores around town pretty easily. It is however rather difficult to find a record that he has not been previously signed so we usually just have him resign them for us. He loves it when people bring in his old LP's.

Hear Ernie sing "To You Sweetheart Aloha" from Waikiki Jackpot

Hear Ernie sing "Minoi Minoi" from Waikiki Jackpot

(songs hosted by kind permission of Ernie Menehune)

Ernie Menehune - Back To Aloha Land
Ernie Menehune - Waikiki Jackpot
Ernie Menehune - My Hula Maid
Ernie Menehune - My Way
Ernie Menehune - 'Round The Town
Ernie Menehune - Showtime
Ernie Menehune - Hawaii's Suntanned Irishman